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PFMG Solar's Focus On Schools Goes Beyond The Bottom Line Every business endeavor needs to be financially viable or it won't benefit anyone. But it's refreshing to see a successful company so clearly focused on benefiting the community. We spoke with Paul Mikos, President of PFMG Solar, about what drives their vision and the role renewables can play in the community.

Energy Storage For Prosumer Solar PV French battery manufacturer Saft has introduced its new Intensium® Home 10M lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage system. The battery pack offers high performance in a modern, aesthetically pleasing design intended specifically for high-end residential and small commercial solar PV installations.

The Present And Future Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Mention zero-emission vehicles and most people think of battery electric cars. But there is another option: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles – FCEVs – powered by hydrogen. Why don't we see more of them on the road? What are the hurdles hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles need to overcome before we'll be able to find them at a local dealership?

PV Solar Diversifies Panama's Power Matrix 2014 closed as the year that Central American governments increased their interest in renewable energies. The authorities in the region know the potential of solar energy, the cost has decreased and is now a feasible solution that can compete in the energy mix in terms of price.

Fuel Cells Strengthen Grid Resiliency During the severe weather events that struck the U.S. northeast states in recent years, stationary fuel cell systems proved their ability to provide power during grid outages, with dozens of systems and tens of megawatts deployed from New Jersey to Maine for utilities, public institutions, and businesses.

Revenue for Leading Solar PV Module Suppliers Reached Three-Year High in Q4 2014 Total module revenue of the top 20 global solar PV suppliers in the fourth quarter reached its highest level since 2011, despite the effect of negative exchange rates on average selling prices.

Invest In The Disruptive Innovation That Matters It’s time to invest in the disruptive innovation that matters. Wal van Lierop, co-founder of cleantech venture capital firm Chrysalix EVC, explains how many Silicon Valley startups and investors are failing to foster innovation in the troubling global trends of our time: energy security and climate change.

NRG Home Solar Expands Operations in California NRG Home Solar is opening two new California offices and will hire more than 100 new employees in order to support its rapidly growing residential solar services in the Golden State. This expansion will build on NRG's energy operations including the recent expansion of the NRG eVgo electric vehicle charging network.

Shweeb's SkySMART Rises Above Gridlock Shweeb-Can plans to re-draw the urban traffic picture centered around their SkySMART system, a personal rapid transit solution consisting of pods suspended from a monorail, powered by renewable energy and human pedal power. Stephen Bieda, Shweeb-Can's VP of Business Development, discusses the SkySMART system and Shweeb-Can's crowdfunding campaign.

Snowtown II Wind Farm to Power 180,000 Homes The second stage of South Australia's largest wind farm was officially launched yesterday, ahead of time and under budget. Snowtown II consists of 90 Siemens 3.0 MW wind turbines, producing around 989 GWh per year, roughly equivalent to the power required by 180,000 homes.

Electric Car Pledge - Making A Difference It's unusual to see an electric car on the road today. That may soon change if Ollie Danner, founder of the Electric Car Pledge, has his way. We spoke with Ollie and asked him to tell us what it will take to make electric cars our primary mode of transportation.

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Map Democratization of energy and finance now go hand in hand, thanks to crowdfunding. The Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Map depicts the facts that you need to know. From top projects and platforms to the amount of money raised to world records, the info-graphic shows us the magnitude of what crowdfunding renewables can achieve.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Where Do You Plug In? One of the biggest challenges facing the wider adoption of electric vehicles is the charging infrastructure. Where do you plug in? With limited battery range and charge times of a half hour or more for even the most powerful chargers, it's crucial that charging facilities be plentiful and readily accessible.

The Top 5 Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platforms One of the biggest challenges to widespread change in the constantly evolving renewable energy industry has always been finance. Now, the emerging finance method of crowd funding offers a new way to provide energy and monetary benefits to investors and democratize energy in the true sense.